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A new concept of Hair Salon.

In the last ten years, lots are the advances that they have happen around us: mobilphones are instruments more than for callings, now, they are an insdispensable multidisciplinar instrument...and without realising, the beauty-hair salons have suffered this evolution too. They are growing up, forgiving the neighbourhood-hair salon looks, and focusing in new styles of cut, colours, hairstyles and introdusing treatments for a healthy hair and scalp. They are now places where you can be pampered. At least, it has tryed to do that.

In this line, it has born J'Stylist. We are a team of professionals with different experiences and the same specific objetives, following a complet new experience of senses inside the salon for the costumer.

Pamper. Costumer has to feel special, unique and completaly relax in the salon.

Beauty. Improving which we don't know we have. Our differences make us unique.

Style. We are not equals, and each one has got and looks for a personal style which defines herself or himself. Cause of that, our team is prepared and well-trained in the new tendences to offer our costumer the best option, always mixing with the person.

Selection. A good analysis won't be efficient if we are not prepared to offer the best treatments for the hair, and we know that. Our helping team of product are the best we have found. Brands like Kevin Murphy, Sensús, Aura, First Proffessional, GHD, Dermalogica...keep into our salon to help us in the process.

Self-confidence. Human is a mix of thinkings and realities, together all of them providing strong and vitality to support each day. Self-confidence is one of them and we don't go to mask the reality. Our purpose it is the costumer makes his/her self-conficende grow when they felt fantastic with their reflexion in the mirror.

Completeness. All of these elements are in a big wheel which we want to up the costumer, trying to feel a complet satisfaction when the costumer leaves our salon.

All of them are only a glimpse into our objetives, and a group of purposes so difficult to explain where the only one way to meet them  it is just into the salon. Cause of that, we invite you to get our J'Stylist experience.

Peluquería en Palma de Mallorca

En los siguientes enlaces podrás conocer un poco mejor las líneas con las que trabajamos:

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